Blue&Green should never be seen…or should they?

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Let’s start this blogpost with announcing that my blog is featured on Lalibre! I made it to the top 10 most influencing blogs in Belgium. Thank  you all for supporting, means the world to me!


So what do you think? They say blue and green should never be seen…or should they?

Blue and green together are definitely a YAY for me.  It’s so restful and reminds me of a blue sky, over a turquoise sea, with some lovely green palm tree fronds waving in a gentle breeze.  Nature puts these colors together all the time, so why not repeat the pattern and wear them?

The trick, of course, when combining colors, is to ensure that they are all of the same intensity and undertone.  These are all cool undertone and fairly bright intensity, so they work well together.


The jewellery I’m wearoing is from my own line mylifeincolors_jewellery. Nothing can add oomph to your look like jewellery! Check out my collection here.

Xo Francine

Trousers: Patricia Pepe

Top: Kiomi

Bag: Chanel le Boy

Shoes: Jimmy Choo


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