Color blocking do’s and don’ts


Colorblocking is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. My favorite! It’s all about statement pieces and bold colors, creating a simple yet stylish look. With the right technique, you can easily do it.

The first step is choosing a color palette. If you’ve never colorblocked an outfit before, start off with two colors; take a leap of faith and pick two colors that are completely unexpected. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color combinations to see what works best for you and your skintone.  Are you a warm or cold pallet? Do you know? Pay attention to your complexion and hair color. For example, cobalt and juicy green hues lose their charm on the background of a pale complexion and blonde hair.

The contrast has to be a bold strong contrast. Once you pick your first two you can easily add another bold color! Pink and yellow, orange and red, blue and green; the possibilities are endless! Try to play within the range of three colors in one outfit to avoid any style blunders. The fourth one will look already too much.



A helpful way to start is to look at a color wheel and select colors that sit opposite of the color wheel. It’s important to stick to the same saturation of colors: neons go well with neons, while pastels with pastel hues.

Keep in mind that too bright and massive color blocking tends to make your figure look bigger. That’s why I’m dressing upper and lower part in the same color to give the illusion of a smaller and longer body, while the bright pink coat brings a unexpected twist.



When it comes to colorblocking an outfit, accessories are an absolute must. With the right belt or bag, you can bring your entire look together. After choosing your color palette, select a few accessories to compliment the outfit. They can be one of the colors already in your palette, or an entirely new color that coordinates with what you’ve already chosen. A yellow bag and yellow jewellery could have been a great way to add a third color into my outfit too.

We all know that fashion loves boldness, creativity and experiments. A very important rule of wearing color blocking is to be self-confident and never feel afraid to show off your style, imagination and mood!

Happy colorblocking!

Xo Francine


Coat: Ted Baker

Pants: Steps

Cashmere: Benneton

Bag: Chanel

Heels: Valentino

Jewellery: Mylifeincolors_jewellery


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