Faux fur is my winter essential

Faux fur coats are having a bit of a moment right now, and considering the chillier weather that’s to come, I think that’s something we can all embrace. Sure, faux fur might not be quite as warm and soft as real fur, but it’s also something you can wear without feeling like a murderer, am I right? ANYWAY, furry and fuzzy coats are still cozy and comfy, fake or not, and I think you should seriously consider getting one! They’re glamorous, fabulous, and so fun to wear.


I’ve gave the coat a more casual spin by wearing it with jeans.

What I like about the faux fur coat is that it works over any  fabric – sequins, leather, lace – you name it, there isn’t a look that it won’t glam up!

Found the fur on NaKd, and the good thing is; you can use my code FRANCINE15 for 15% off your order!

Not only on this specific faux fur jacket, but on every item in your shopping basket! You’re welcome!

xoxo Francine

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