Shop the culottes trend in 2017

They’re not a skirt; they’re not pants, they’re something in between. Are you a fan of Culottes? I am!

The culottes have proven to be the trend! I had a crush for culottes a long time ago and now I’m happy to see that they’re available at so many stores, in different models, colors and fabrics.


At first glance, culottes can seem intimidating, with their awkward length and wide-leg silhouette. That’s why I would love to give you 5 easy styling tips.


  1. Flowy look

The newest and most elegant way to work this trend is to choose culottes with a flowy look and feel that are quite full in the leg. Think of women’s culottes like a long, full, swingy skirt, but with a modern twist.

  1. Play with prints

Choose a pant with a bold print to add some unexpected personality to the outfit. Pair with classic staples, like a relaxed tee and blazer, to keep the look balanced.

  1. Focus on footwear

Choose an ankle boot that meets the end of the trouser for a well-composed look.

  1. Experiment with proportions

A form-fitting top that cinches at the waist helps to offset the culotte’s volume. Throw on a longline blazer to make a statement and play with varying lengths.

  1. Go monochromatic

Streamline your outfit by choosing one shade and weaving it throughout the entire outfit.


Whatever trend you try, you have to own it!  If you feel silly in an outfit, it will not look nearly as good if you are confident wearing it.  Not everyone is going to love everything you wear; so as long as you are happy with your outfit, that’s all that matters!

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to try out the culottes trend lovelies!

Xo Francine


Culottes: Sophisticatedbox (shop with discount MOM20)

Top: Topshop (old) similar here

Shoes: Topshop (old) similar here

Sunnies: Jeeperspeepers

Bag: Chanel 

2 Reacties

  1. april 30, 2017 / 10:47 pm

    Absolutely loving this blog post babe! (loving your pair of culottes) xoxo

  2. mei 2, 2017 / 3:08 pm

    You are so beautiful my gorgeous friend. I checked the blog yesterday but than I was distracted by work and didn’t press send. This look is one of my fav, although all your looks are elegant, vibrant and so darn stylish.

    I need to add more colors to my wardrobe, always been a monochrome lover but you are making me change my mind. Only if would wear the colors as beautiful as you.

    Aurela xoxo

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