Dior date in Amsterdam

This weekend was so much fun! If you follow me on instagram you saw that we went to Amsterdam! Reason #1; I had a bag on hold in Dior… reason #2; I also wanted to bike around Amsterdam and to really explore the city. We were able to fix an overnight babysit so we could enjoy some quality time together!
First stop was the Dior boutique in De Bijenkorf.

Since the moment I saw the amour capsule collection in Brussels Dior boutique I fell in love with the story behind it. I couldn’t stop thinking about this white amour bag! Plus: I didn’t have a white bag yet… When I was holding it in Amsterdam and admiring the stunning print my husband wispered in my ear: it’s yours!

All 3 bags I ever got from him are unique pieces; my mini red square Chanel, my Gucci fannypack and this one. Will treasure them forever.

And there I was, standing on one of the prettiest canals in Amsterdam holding my new Dior.

After picking up the bag we drove for hours in Amsterdam by bike. And the dog Souris? He loved it! It’s a great way to discover the city. We practically saw all the canals and all the important places. Last vacation in France we learned that you can discover so many more pretty places when you have a bike! We drove around Nice, Cannes, Iles de Ré… it was quite an adventure! Same for Amsterdam, I would definitely recommend it.

We stopped for lunch at Nacarat. Loved the veggy power bowls! Have you ever been there? Love the interior of this place.

The next day we were strolling around the shopping streets and I found these cute Sasha boots matching my new Dior Amour! Same white, great leather and the heel is not too high so they’re made for walking!

Fall looks amazing in Amsterdam!

Did you know that you can find the best cakes at the Corner Bakery? And it’s the perfect spot for the official unboxing right?!

If you ever have the chance to rent a bike in Amsterdam I would advice to use the black bike company. They have many pick-up and drop-off spots around town.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Xoxo Francine


Azur suit: Asos

Kicks: Bronx

Leopard dress: Y.A.S

Boots: Sasha

Red bikerjacket: old but similar here

Scarf: Louis Vuitton

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